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41 Foot Yacht Clean in North Harbour – Sydney


As you can see from the photos in this post, this boat was well and truly overdue for a hull clean. When we arrived it was difficult to tell what was going to be waiting for us under the water as it was cloudy with a slight north westerly and the water was a little choppy.

This brings up a good point as most boat owners tend to look at their boat and think about things like electrics, pumps, sails etc but forget what’s going on below the water. This yacht is a classic example of a great looking boat, clean and neat, with a lot of build up under the waterline.

The owner told us that the prop speed had been unused for some time and when we got under the water, we discovered this had contributed to substantial growth that can’t be removed from normal use (prop speeds tend to self clean when they’re propelled through the water) so Boat Buddies needed to work on this for the owner also.

Boat Buddies provided a full cleaning service that included:-

    • Cleaning the hull from bow to stern
    • Scrape build up from the hull
    • Remove additional growth from hull and waterline
    • Wiped entire hull clean
    • Remove growth and clean prop speed


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