Boat Maintenance Package

We provide FREE quotes to all boats located in Sydney Harbour and the surrounding areas and are happy to supply a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program to suit all budgets and needs.

Underwater Hull Maintenance

Our cleaning program is based on experience & the simple premise that if you have to scrape a considerable amount of coral marine growth from a regularly maintained boat bottom, then too much time has elapsed between cleanings. Boat bottoms need to be scheduled & cleaned more often to avoid excessive marine growth & the subsequent loss of the boat's performance. We tailor our underwater maintenance program to the needs of each individual boat bottom with respect to the season & the condition of the anti-fouling paint.

Boat Buddies cleaning program is tailored to the boat owner who wants to use his boat at any time & achieve a trouble-free experience with regard to the boat bottom. Our underwater maintenance program may appear to cost more, but actually saves money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption and cooler running engines.

The bottom cleaning prices for Boat Buddies are for boat bottoms that have antifouling (bottom) paint rated in good condition and cleaned every 4 weeks in the winter, and every 3 weeks in the summer. Boats with Antifouling paint rated in poor condition may require cleaning every 2 weeks in the winter and every 10 to 11 days in the summer, with a reduced price.

Hull Cleaning

Ship and boat owners know the effects of a fouled hull. Growth on the bottom of your boat is as common as heat in the summer. Instead of a smooth, clean hull slipping through the water, marine growth creates drag, reducing speed. Extra demand on engines to maintain speed means increased fuel consumption, an added coast regardless of vessel size.

Fouling is the result of marine growth, a constant process which begins between one and four months. Fouling occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best toxic paints. If left unchecked growth continues until the anti-fouling coat is penetrated, then the seal coat, finally the hull itself is damaged.

Tests show a fouled hull can increase fuel cost by more than 15% – 20%. Just removing an inch of growth from your hull will greatly increase your mileage, therefore possibly saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Can you afford this? On the other hand, can you afford dry docking every six months or even yearly? This is where Boat Buddies comes in! A alternative to frequent dry-dock maintenance is under water hull cleaning with us.

Boat Buddies cleans your hull without damage to fiberglass, steel, or wood hulls. We will not lift paint or caulking like high pressure water jetting or steam cleaning systems.

Boat Buddies is risk free, and the on-going inspections of your hull during cleaning keeps you aware of its actual condition, to better schedule needed repairs, painting, etc.

Hull cleaning includes:
  • Scrubbing of the hull from the water line down to the keel
  • Cleaning of exterior water intakes
  • Cleaning of propellers, rudders, and shafts
Inspection of:
  • Bottom paint
  • Thru hulls
  • Rudders
  • Shafts
  • Cutless bearings
  • Depth sounder
  • Anodes
  • Propellers
  • Keel
  • Screw, nuts, and bolts

Compare to fuel loss and other costs due to a dirty hull, how can you afford not to have your hull cleaned by Boat Buddies, which offers the most economical, convenient and safe alternative.

Hull and Prop Inspections

An unfortunate, but far too common occurrence, is the occasional grounding. In most cases causing little if any damage. However, not all are as lucky as this may cause serious damage to the hull and or prop. Most boat owners want to know, and are willing to pay for the boat to be lifted from the water to confirm the condition. This can be a costly experience, and is not unheard of to have it happen more than once a year. For a fraction of the cost, we will confirm your boats condition and have you on your way shortly after we begin. Why miss a beautiful day just to find out there was nothing wrong.

Prop Replacement

Many factors can cause a prop to require replacement, a job that most owners have their boats lifted from the water to complete. However, in most cases this is not necessary. At a fraction of the cost of having your boat lifted and the replacement completed, we will change the prop while in the water.

Anode Replacement

This is an unfortunate expenditure to acquire, for such a relatively simple procedure. We will change your Anode without the hassle of having your boat lifted from the water. Usually this is a once a year project and for the boat owners who lift their boats from the water at the end of the season, not a common concern, but when you consider the damage that can be caused by a lack of Anode on the boat, you may not want to wait too long. We will change your Anodes and help assure the proper protection of your hull.