Boat Maintenance Package

We provide FREE quotes to all boats located in Sydney Harbour and the surrounding areas and are happy to supply a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program to suit all budgets and needs.

Vessel Maintenance

Looking for a reliable Sydney based boat cleaning and boat maintenance service? Boat Buddies can take care of your boat topside and under the water by providing an all over boat cleaning and boat maintenance service.

  • Spend more time on the water
  • Enjoy your boat, don't clean it!
  • Reliable and friendly Sydney boat cleaning service
  • Call today on 0403 279 635

Boat Buddies provides a range of different services for a variety of different boat and yacht types. Below are just a few of our services we offer as a Sydney boat maintenance company.

Boat Maintenance Service Sydney

Why not take the hassle and effort out of keeping your boat spick and span. With Boat Buddies boat maintenance services we take care of of your boat top and bottom. Need a boat detailing service? No problem. Want your boat engine serviced? We can organise that also.

Call us today on 0403 279 635 to organise your Sydney boat maintenance service.

Boat Maintenance Costs

If you’re interested in finding out about the costs involved in maintaining your boat and having a boat maintenance service like the one Boat Buddies provides – the best thing you can do is request a quote and we’ll get back to you within 24 working day hours with an estimation.

Whilst it is an upfront cost, additional boat maintenance costs can skyrocket if your boat isn’t properly maintained throughout the year. Why take that risk? Call us today on 0403 279 635.

Steel Boat Maintenance Sydney

If you have a steel boat moored in Sydney and are looking for a steel boat maintenance company, call Boat Buddies today on 0403 279 635 to organise a quote. We supply boat
maintenance for a range of different boat and yacht types including steel boats and steel bottom boats.

Remember the slightest edge can make the biggest difference. Call today on 0403 279 635.

Aluminium Boat Maintenance Sydney

We understand the differences between aluminium and steel boats when it comes to maintenance. Aluminium tends to have better corrosion resistance over steel, but leaving steel items on the aluminium – this can lead to problems that require further maintenance.

We also take into account the higher thermal conductivity of aluminium boats so pay particular attention to the bilge for condensation damage and other associated problems.

If you have an aluminium boat and live in Sydney call us today on 0403 279 635.

Boat Cleaning Service Sydney

Let’s face it, you would rather spend more time enjoying your boat that cleaning it, right? Our Sydney boat cleaning service gives you the chance to have your boat cleaned and serviced without the hassle of doing it yourself. We provide a full boat cleaning service, top and bottom or we can focus on an area of your boat that needs attention. Call us on 0403 279 635 to talk to one of our Sydney Boat Cleaners.

Boat Buddies provides a wide range of boating services to vessels in the Sydney Harbour. To find out how we can help you call us today on 0403 279 635.

Boat Anti-fouling Sydney

Anti-fouling your boat is a big job. Let Boat Buddies take the hassle out of Anti-fouling your Sydney based boat and call us on 0403 279 635. Anti-fouling should be done at least once a year to prevent build up of marine growth like weed and barnicles. Increase the resale value and performance of your boat by keeping it in tip-top shape all year round. If you live in Sydney and need Boat Anti-fouling call 0403 279 635 to organise a free quote today.