Boat Maintenance Package

We provide FREE quotes to all boats located in Sydney Harbour and the surrounding areas and are happy to supply a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program to suit all budgets and needs.

Hull Cleaning

Scheduled hull cleaning is an important factor in protecting your boat while increasing its performance and fuel efficiency. Boat Buddies uses experienced (ADAS) qualified Sydney based underwater cleaning commercial divers to thoroughly remove the fouling that accumulates on your hull.

Our team of ship hull cleaning divers will clean the waterline including keels, through-hull fittings, running gear and propellers. To protect your boat's antifouling we use non-scratch sponges and nylon pads. In cases of extreme fouling, stainless steel scrapers may be used to remove hard growth from running gear.

Boat Buddies underwater boat cleaning program is tailored to provide stress free boating. Our underwater maintenance program saves you money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption and cooler running engines. Boat Buddies' aim is to clean the boat better than you would.

Motor cruisers and yachts

Benefits of using an in-water hull cleaning service
  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%
  • Reduce vibration in your running gear
  • Extend the life of skeg bearings, bushes and packing glands due to reduced vibration in running gearPrevent overheating from blocked intakes
  • Improved power and performance
  • Racing Yachts – Increase speed of your yacht – bringing you closer to that win
  • Enjoy up to 2 years before re –antifouling
  • Reduce re-antifouling costs
  • Improved sale price of your boat – better presented and performance
  • Early detection of any problems
  • Peace of mind boating with another set of eyes looking after your boat
  • A team to monitor the condition of your hull. A place not often seen or inspected by owners

Boat Buddies underwater boat cleaning program

RUNNING GEAR: Clean propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, rudders, through hull fittings,
transducers and inspect anodes.
WATERLINE: Thorough clean of waterline and transom.
HULL: Gentle clean of the hull & keel
*Some packages include before and after photos with a comprehensive report.

Selling your boat?

We do special ‘boats for sale’ boat cleaning packages packages which keeps your boat in “for sale” condition. Water lines and running gear are kept clean regularly, so you know when you get a call from a potential buyer, you can rest assured your boat is looking at its best and
ready to perform.

Why clean the bottom?

Boat owners know the effects of a fouled hull. Growth on the bottom of your boat is as common as heat in the summer. Instead of a smooth, clean hull slipping through the water, marine growth creates drag, reducing speed and adds weight. Extra demand on engines to maintain speed means increased fuel consumption, an added cost regardless of vessel size.

Fouling occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best toxic paints. If left unchecked growth continues until the anti-fouling coat is penetrated, then the seal coat, finally the hull itself is damaged.

Tests show a fouled hull can increase fuel costs by more than 25%.

Boat Buddies cleans your hull without damage to fibreglass, steel, or wood hulls. We will not lift paint or caulking like high pressure water jetting or steam cleaning systems.

Boat Buddies is risk free, and the on-going inspections of your hull during cleaning keeps you aware of its actual condition, to better schedule needed repairs, re-antifouling and anode replacement.

Compare to fuel loss and other costs due to a dirty hull, how can you afford not to have your hull cleaned by Boat Buddies, we offer the most economical, convenient and safe alternative.Simply fill out the online quote request or request a call.