Boat Mooring

Sydney Mooring Service

If you have a boat moored in Sydney Harbour, moorings must be inspected annually and the only reliable way is to have an experienced operator like Boat Buddies provide you with a Sydney Mooring Service. Call us today on 0403 279 635.

Sydney Mooring Service Process

When we inspect your mooring we typically ensure that your boat is tied alongside our mooring vessel and that the mooring has been strapped to our lifting winch allowing us access to the buoy to clean and inspect.

From there we look at all mooring ropes to ensure that they’re clean, if we find a buildup of algae or growth these ropes are water blasted to ensure they stay clean. We then lift the mooring chain and block to the surface and clean and inspect this thoroughly.

If we find parts that need replacing, at this point we’ll replace these with new parts to ensure the safety of your mooring.

Once our cleaning and inspection process has been followed we put the mooring back into its original position and the appropriate stickers are applied to advise the next service date.

After a clean up of your boat to ensure that all marks or evidence of footmarks have been removed you are free to enjoy your nice clean mooring.

To organise a Sydney Mooring Service today call Boat Buddies on 0403 279 635.

Boat Buddies have developed a thorough mooring service process to ensure that your serviced moorings are inspected and reported on annually.

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Your mooring needs to be inspected every year to comply with Maritime rules and insurance this is a picture of how the mooring chain wears over time and eventually will let go



The traditional method of mooring boats adversely impacts our marine habitat and many people are seeking better solutions that are environmentally friendly. Eco mooring is the modern answer; it is elastic, with exceptional strength and protects the marine environment from harmful practices of age-old mooring methods.

The marine ecosystem especially parts close to the shoreline where boat mooring happens are extremely fragile. The traditional mooring methods use heavy weights and chains that plants into the ocean ground and drags the bottom to secure the boat from moving. This method can do permanent damage to the ecosystem.

Mooring impacts on eelgrass habitat

Eelgrass, a species of seagrass is indispensable in its role of proving spawning and nursery ground for many species of fish and shellfish. It is also an important food source for the bottom of the marine food chain. In recent years, this species has been in major decline throughout the world due to water quality and contamination. Traditional chain mooring plays a part in this destruction, it severely damages the eelgrass’ habitat through bottom dragging and scour. The practice also decreases water clarity, lowering light penetration to the sea ground, which is critical for the survival and growth of eelgrass.

How can Eco Mooring help?

Eco mooring is designed to avoid damage to the seafloor through the use of elastic, floating lines. It is a revolutionary technology, the leading ecologically friendly boat mooring system.